About Us

Heroic is the next generation in Fantasy Fiction publishing – combining traditional publishing and authors’ services with exciting, leading-edge innovations and high-end quality. Heroic authors can share their work like never before.

We represent creatives too – from illustrators to narrators to graphic designers. Heroic has it all, all in one place.

We also play host to what will be the world’s largest fantasy book club which in turn will help promote literacy and build schools across the globe.

Heroic is different.

Whether you’re an author, creative or Fantasy fan, Heroic aims to put you ahead of the pack.

This is the Heroic way.

For our traditionally published authors, Heroic will provide a service above and beyond what most independents - or self-publishers - can offer.

For those who want access to our services, Heroic will go above and beyond for you via our roster of exceptional creatives.

For readers and fans, Heroic will bring you new fiction and exclusive-access content monthly, via our Book Club.

Excellence is our watchword. Making a difference is the name of our game.

This is the Heroic aim.

Heroic Mission

To serve Fantasy Fiction authors, creatives and fans.

Heroic Vision

To offer inventive Fantasy Fiction publishing and writer services whilst making a philanthropic difference around the world.

Heroic Values

To lead with integrity, innovation and excellence.